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Please see attached before and after pictures of the first job using this design edge molding. This is one of six patterns that I am working on and will have ready soon. I will be adding a small radius to each of the sharp edges. I have two more jobs next week using this pattern.

Please feel free to call - B & K Refinishing and Coatings (919) 495-2424 - or E-mail:
Thank you for taking the time to talk with me on various occasions. Look forward to talking with you soon.
Donnie Gilliam
B & K Refinishing and Coatings

Before: After:
tub tub tub tub

Hey Ed,

I am the owner of a prominant bathtub restoration company. We specialize in modern fixtures as well as antiquities and porcelain heirlooms, china, etc. Your ENTIRE line of materials are completely Amazing! The XL primer is the stickiest around and the HSLD topcoat series glass so well on the surface that it's completely amazing! You could almost refinish a tub being a novice and make it beautiful! By using your product, I can offer a full 8 year warranty and 2 other warranties and have no worries about it whatsoever!

Thanks to everyone at Midwest Chemicals, without you.....I couldn't operate as compitent and trusting as I do.

Patrick and Tree
AcuRite Bathtub Restoration LLc

Fairman's Painting
Exterior & Interior
Phone: 407-243-9044

Before: After:
tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub

Hey Ed,

I was going over your website, and in the Multi-Stone Examples section, the majority of the before and after pictures were of HSLD jobs. I thought that since you've been helping my little company for so long now, I'd show you what we've done with your products.


Here are some examples of how we've used your products:


Jason Downs - General Manager
Suface Solution
Phone: (321) 544-9269
Surface Solutions of Brevard, Inc.

tub tub tub tub tub tub tub
tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub

Hey Ed,

Thanks for the great products!

Brent Davis

tub tub tub
tub tub tub tub

Hello Ed & Midwest Gang,

We're in another trade show here in Ottawa, Canada. Just thought I would send you some pictures of our booth from the Ottawa Sportsmans Show (Feb 25-28, 2010).

Neill Roberts
Devine Finishes -

tub tub tub tub tub tub tub


I've been using Midwest Chemicals since 2007; and I would not change where I get my products. Midwest Provides high quality coatings, long lasting, shine, smooth finish, and much more. We use XL Primer and HSLD finishes; these products are the best that have ever been invented. These are just some examples, but I've done more than 3,000 items with Midwest Chemicals products. From bathtubs, bathtub walls, kitchens, cabinets, countertops and so much more.

To request our services in Dade or Broward County (Florida), please call at 305-218-4201; or write us at:

GRACIAS Midwest Chemicals.
Misael Llanos
Home Solutions Painting Inc.
Miami Fl, (305) 218-4201

Before: After:
tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub


I just wanted to write to give my testimonial and tell you all just how happy I am to be useing your product. I have tried several products before your company's product due to cost and me starting my business. However, the fact still remains using the XL and HSLD is by far the best 1:1 ratio product I have used yet.

As you can see from the pictures I have attatched. This is a simple travel trailer bathtub and wall suround with very little room and had been very poorly maintained. It took a quart of product from both XL and HSLD to make the job perfect as you can see with the images below. Cleaning everything down and using the XL to fill in the small areas allowing the HSLD to give a nice perfect coat over the top of everything came out just fantastic.

Now that we are using your products and we have excellent results; our small family owned and operated business has expanded in clientel, and instead of a small 50 mile radius we now cover 100 mile radius and getting work that local professionals should have gotten. By you keeping your prices low enough for us to be able to afford we have been able to pass some of the savings onto our customers as well.

We would also like for you to send us your logo link in html format so that we may put your company on our website as well.

Michael Smith
(918) 850-0826
Weleetka, Oklahoma

Before: After:
tub tub


Just a few notes from my bathroom experience. I did the full bathroom with 4" tile including a shower stall ceiling and floors. What an experience it was. Your product performed extremely well. I used a 3 turbine HVLP cup gun set-up and I had no trouble dialing in the gun. Here are a couple of pointers if others are having trouble. I covered 600 sq. ft. and used 3 quarts of base and 1.5 quarts of clear.

1. Turn the fluid completely off and then open it 2 turns. Then back the air off 50%. At this setting I had perfect results.

2. I set my cup in a crock pot to heat up the fluid and set it back in during curing. This worked very well. There are other mechanisms such as the Wagner fridge/warmer for about $80 but I chose the cheap way.

3. I found that soap and water works with a little effort to clean the equipment but what works extremely well is the premier cleaner. I put al little in a clean cup and sprayed it through the gun and it was perfectly clean. No residual.

4. The 1500 watt light is a must. That thing was unbelievable. I was curing the base in 5 seconds and when I did the clear on the floor I coated it from the end to the door, grabed the light and cured it with 2 slow speeps back and forth while walking behind it.

I am extremely pleased with the performance of the product and the light. I have attached several before and after pictures. Feel free to use them on your web site.

Art Noel
Performance Associates of York

Before: After:
tub tub tub tub


Theses are the images of the Kitchen & Bathroom we did. I have had 14 leads since I completed the kitchen project.

Thanks again so much! Fabulous Job!!!

Ed Del Portillo
Demco Refinish Pros

Before: Kitchen
tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub
After: Kitchen
tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub
Before: Bathroom
tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub
After: Bathroom
tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub tub

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