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Crosslink Clearcoat
We have developed a new solvent base clearcoat that you can actually mix with our acrylic waterbase multistone. This means NO WAITING for the multistone to dry before clearcoating. This High technology is only one of the great products we are working to help our refinishing industry. Mixing a solvent base product with a waterbase product is unheard of until we put our technology in place to develop this product line.

When using our crosslink clearcoat, mix 2 part resin to 1 part catalyst of the clearcoat. Let sit for 10 minutes for induction time. Then mix your catalyzed clearcoat with your acrylic waterbase multistone at a ratio of 1 to 1. (Mix thoroughly.)

Spray 4 even coats on your surface pausing 5 minutes between coats.

Lightly useable after 24 hours, normal usage after 72 hours. We HIGLY suggest polishing your surface after 24 hours with a car polish. This will give you a harder pencil hardness for faster durability until your coating hardens up which normally is two to three weeks.

NOTE: When using our crosslink clearcoat with our acrylic waterbase multistone, your finish will be TEXTURED not smooth. It will look and feel like a true stone finish.

NOTE: Whenever using our acrylic waterbase multistone, we HIGHLY suggest using a gravity feed spray gun or pressure pot system with a 2.4 to 2.8MM needle. If you spray the acrylic waterbase system with a bottom feed gun it can change the look of the multistone which will not look like the sprayouts.

New Tech
We are now using a New Technology for our Wipe-On Primer in lieu of the previous "Verbindung" product.

The application process is relatively the same. Apply by wiping on the surface with a lint free cloth. NO ETCHING NEEDED. Works best on a high gloss, smooth surface. Recommended for glass surfaces only. GREAT ADHESION PROPERTIES. ONLY AVAILABLE IN PINTS.

Comes in pint, spray containers for ease of application and long shelf life. Comes in clear, red, blue, green, violet, black, white, yellow and yellow oxide. This is truly a remarkable high tech primer.

Nu-Tech Wipe-On Primer