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Wood Staining

Our Createastain is a great choice for staining wood decks, docks or patios. It is 100% environmentally safe, and has mildew and fungus additives added to it along with a bug repellant additive that protect the wood against microscopic organisms.

We suggest using the semi transparent Createastain or our clear satin or gloss to protect the wood. On the pictures below we used a semi transparent stain and added a little burnt umber pigment so you get a little color which makes the wood look more natural.

Our Createastain will give you years of durability while protecting your wood from the elements. If you purchase the semi transparent stain in the colors, you will have more color coverage.


Before Createastain:
This deck is three years old and had no type of sealer on it; the surface is really worn and discolored. Another view of the worn dock; the sun and elements taking its toll. Mold and mildew start to form on the deck because lack of protection.
Prepare Your Surface:
We suggest using a power washer with a number 3 or 4 tip to clean the wood before staining, the power washer will uproot any dirt that is embedded into the wood. Make sure you do not go to aggressive with the power washer because it can disfigure the wood; you just want a good cleaning
You can see the power washing even takes off the mold and mildew. If you do not stain (seal) your wood after power washing the stain and mildew will come back in a short amount of time.
Appling Createastain:
We used a sponge to apply the stain. We wanted to force the stain into the cracks and porous areas of the wood. We actually applied two coats of stain, one heavy and one light to insure deep penetration. You can also use a sponge mop with a six foot pole; this will make it easier to apply. The reason we suggest doing the staining this way, it causes the stain to penetrate deep into the wood.    
This gives you a good look of the two coats of stain applied to this section of deck, the added "Burnt Umber" tint will give the wood more of a natural look. You can really see the difference from the old to the new.    
You can see in this picture the cracks in the wood. We used a sponge to insure the penetration into all the cracks that the weathers elements have put into this wood deck. You want to make sure the stain penetrates every area on top of the deck even the knots and cracks. This will stop the wood from continuing to crack and split.    
After Createastain:
You can see a closer picture of the deck fully stained with Createastain; again look at the old deck in the previous picture compared to what the deck look likes now. This gives you a good overlook of the whole deck. Createastain will protect this deck from weather, water, mold, mildew and microscopic bugs and is 100% environmentally safe and brings years of usage for the owners of this boat dock/deck. You can see the finish stain on the wood walkway; compare this picture to the unstained picture. You will see the dramatic difference from the old and new stained walkway.


Lanai Refinished

After Createastain:
A view of the lanai refinished with
createastain semi transparent stain and
high gloss sealer.
Another view of the lanai refinished. The createstain was a custom color stain we made for this customer. Note the trim stained and the detail of the wood the stain brings out.
This customer saved $2300.00 by staining the Cypress wood
themselves. Even the carpenters where very impressed with the color and look of the stain.
A closer view of the
second balcony ceiling,
note the one piece of trim
is rubber actually stained with createstain to look
like the rest of the wood trim.
A view of the first floor ceiling, createastain is mildew and fungus resistant, is 100% UV protectent and actually
has a bug repellant built
into the stain.
Note the detail in the wood that the stain brings out.
The customer applied two coats of semi transparent stain and two coats of
High gloss sealer before
the carpenters installed
the ceiling.
Let createastain be the next stain for your wood project, it will bring years of beautiful stained look to your wood. Createastain is also 100% environmentally safe.