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About Us

We are Midwest Chemicals Coatings Manufacturer

Welcome to our website! We develop coating for all types of industries, specializing in bathtub refinishing, countertop refinishing, tile refinishing, concrete staining, truck bed liner coatings, and non slip coatings. We carry a host of different finishing, coatings and primers for the professional bathtub refinisher, we also carry stains and flex finishes for the professional countertop refinisher. Our truck bed liner and non slip coatings are the number one used coating in todays industry. We have also developed waterbase stains with the power of Silanes for concrete staining, and the cement staining industry. Please go through our website and research all the possibilities our coatings have to offer.


We pride ourselves in the quality and consistency of our coatings and sell to thousands of professional bathtub refinishers throught the USA with distributors world wide. Price structure and customer service is also very important to our company as we pride ourselves as being second to none to all the bathtub refinishers, countertop refinishers, concrete staining companies and truck bed liner applicators in todays coatings industry.


We do PRIVATE LABELING for many companies including the bathtub refinishing industry, concrete staining industry and truck bed liner industry that either resell our products or who want to have that professional look to give them a edge over their competitor.

A Letter From The Owner

Thanks For Visiting Our Website!

Midwest Chemicals are a manufacturer and distributor of coating for all types of industrial industries. We carry both water base and solvent base coatings geared for specific industries. We have been in business since 1991 developing different types of coatings to bring the highest standard of coatings and diversification to many industrial industries.

We continue to research and develop coatings to bring you the most currant technology available to the coatings industry. We also pride ourselves in providing you with the best prices available for the type of high end products that are current in the coatings industry. We have always carried a (we will beat any of our competitors prices) attitude, and will always look out for our customers in the pricing area.

We also offer private labeling, and do so to some of the largest coating companies in our industry. Private labeling gives your company that finished professional look and also provides you with a privacy to protect you from any employees knowing who you are dealing with.

We always encourage companies that we sell to, to bring their ideas to us for future development or adjustment of coatings. We upgrade our coatings every couple of years as technology allows, while other companies have been selling the same products for 20 years not letting technology persist. We encourage your input, it is very important for the growth of our industry.

Thank you,

Edward Levens