**NEW PRODUCTS** Affordable Coating System and LOW VOC Urethanes


Countertops Categories

We have the MultiSpec Coatings to give the look of a Spec finish, and now we are featuring our new product called Createastain to give the look of granite or marble, this product brings Countertops to a whole new level of beauty.

Category One:

This product is a waterbase product, when sprayed looks and feels like a Spec finish. Your customers will love this. This is a one stage product that can be sprayed with a HVLP gun with a turbine system. Product comes in a wide variety of Colors and can be used for Countertops as well as Bathtubs, Tiles, Ceramic, Cabinets and Walls.

Category Two:

Createastain is a new technology waterbase Styrene acrylic stain with Silane. With our additive of silane, adhesion is increased by up to 400% making this product one of the best stains in today's stain industry. Createastain is one of the only waterbase stains that can be used on glass surfaces such as porcelain and ceramic tile because of the increased adhesion caused through the silane technology. Because of our added silane, you can also transform your formica countertops to achieve the look of granite or marble.

Createastain Color Selections