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Countertop Staining

You can create a beautiful marble finish when staining Formica. First lightly sand Formica with a 220 grit sandpaper, wipe down surface with a solvent such as MEK, Acetone or alcohol. Spray one to two coats of our aerospace primer over countertop.

Wait 45 to 60 minutes before applying stain. Primer MUST be dry to the touch before applying stain. Apply stain with a sponge; you will get better results with a faux sponge. Dab on your first color from one end to the other, wait until stain is dry (normally 15 minutes), then apply second color and then a third color if desired.

Some may want a fourth color depending on what look you are trying to achieve. Make sure primer in totally covered by stain. When stain is thoroughly dry apply two to three coats of our clear topcoat. This will make your countertop look like an authentic marble or granite top.

You can use countertop lightly after 24 hours and normal use after 72 hours. NOTE: primer and clearcoat must be sprayed on by a professional refinisher. Email or call us and we can refer someone in your area to you.