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Ceramic Tile Staining

Clean ceramic tiles with our industrial cleaner; our cleaner has mild acids in it and will cause a minor etching to the tiles. NOTE: Always wear gloves when using any cleaners that contain acids. After cleaning ceramic tiles with our industial cleaner, wipe on or spray our miracle bond 2 primer over tiles. You can also use our aerospace primer. Let primer dry to touch, usually 45 minutes.

Apply Createastain on tiles using as many colors as you desire. If using multiple colors, wait 20 to 30 minutes between stain colors. Let stain dry for 60 minutes, then apply two coats of our solvent base clearcoat. NOTE: CLEARCOAT | PRIMER MUST BE SPRAYED ON BY A PROFESSIONAL REFINISHING COMPANY. Once stain is clearcoated, you can use your tiles after 24 hours.

We can also refer you to professional refinishing companies in your area; just call or email us for the information.

We sell an etch cleaner that works excellent on cement surfaces.