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Truck Bed Liners And More

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Grizzly Grip DIY, Grizzly grip is an Aliphatic moisture cure urethane that contains two different sizes of rubber blended into the product. Our grizzly grip Aliphatic moisture cure urethane is flexible, chemical resistant, non yellowing and a non fading coating. Grizzly grip is widely used in many industries but our main industries that utilize this product are the Marine and boat industry, truck bed liners, jeeps and RV camper tops. Grizzly grip can be sprayed or preferably rolled on with our special textured rollers.

Grizzly grip comes in two textures, fine and course, one has a larger rubber particle in it to give it a non slip texture, and the fine has a small rubber particle in it giving you the texture of an orange peel. Grizzly grip comes in 22 colors and we can also custom make colors with a three gallon minimum order. The coating comes in 24 decorative colors and is available with a fine or coarse texture.

Non-Slip Areas

Grizzly Grip coarse texture is perfect for truck bed liners. Grizzly Grip can also be used for non-slip areas such as garage floors, decks, cement, wood and even glass surfaces, such as ceramic tile floors. However, when doing ceramic tile, you must prime with our XL aerospace primer first. The possibilities are endless on what you can coat with Grizzly Grip. You can currently find it used in major industries, such as commercial, automotive and marine.


Grizzly Grip is a great coating for the Do-It-Yourselfer, who wants to save a lot of money and do their own surfaces, with a very durable product that will last for years. Truck bed liners can be coated for approximately $375.00 to $500.00 per truck. Why pay someone that large amount of money, when you can achieve the same durability for a cost of about $82.00 to $140.00 per truck bed liner and have a great selection of colors to choose from.

A lot of people are actually using the potential of Grizzly Grip and starting their own truck bed liner refinishing business and are also branching out to refinish areas where non-skid or protective coatings are needed. The financial potentials are endless, so if you are the Do-It-yourselfer or an entrepreneur, Grizzly Grip is the coating of your choice.


Application is the big advantage of Grizzly Grip; it can be applied with our special texture rollers. This makes Grizzly Grip very easy to apply, but if you would rather spray it on your truck bed liner or surface, you can use with a conventional undercoating gun and compressor using 50 to 60PSI.

Visit the Grizzly Grip Website at www.GrizzlyGrip.com for more information.