**NEW PRODUCTS** Affordable Coating System and LOW VOC Urethanes

Cobra Grip


Cobra Grip is a micronized polymer that creates a non-slip surface after applied in most coatings. CALL Midwest Chemicals for questions about application or coatings.

CAN BE USED ON: Garage floors, Basement floors, stairs, ramps, wood decks and driveways, can also be used on bathtubs and shower floors(must be applied by a professional bathtub refinishing company).

WILL WORK WITH: Solvent based Epoxies and Urethanes, water based epoxies and urethane, stains and latex. This product will NOT affect your topcoat color.

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: Use (4.0 oz by weight) to one gallon of coating, can use an additional 4.0 oz to give more textured surface, we suggest doing a test area to see the non-slip amount desired.

SIZE PARTICALS: Comes in a FINE texture, MEDIUM texture and a COARSE texture. MOST of your companies that sell this same product sell a COARSE texture.