**NEW PRODUCTS** Affordable Coating System and LOW VOC Urethanes

Low Odor

Low Odor Urethane

We have reformulated our 1:1 ration urethane topcoat that reduces the odor by 60-70%. We have NOT changed the raw materials, just the new technology solvents to achieve the low odor so the durability is not compromised. The new low odor urethane will come in all colors with a gloss, satin or eggshell finish and curing times of 36hr, 24hr and 10hr. This can be used as an everyday coating as a replacement for what you are using now or as a coating to be used with customers who are concerned about the smell of standard urethane coatings. This will definitely help out in the commercial industry if you have apartment complexes or hotels are apprehensive about the odor. This coating also comes with its own reducer.

Low Odor Reducer

Since reducers have strong smells, we had to formulate a reducer that has a very low odor to it otherwise you will sacrifice some of the low odor with a strong odor reducer. Use our low odor reducer with our low odor topcoats.