**NEW PRODUCTS** Affordable Coating System and LOW VOC Urethanes

Miscellaneous Products

Epoxy Adhesion Promoter
Available in Bottles

An additive ONLY used with our Permabond 2000 Epoxy Primer. This product dramatically increases the adhesion of the primer.

Fisheye Eliminator
Available in Gallons, Quarts, and Pints.

An additive used in our topcoats to help prevent fisheyes caused from containments or surface tension on the surface of the substrate or primer

Metal Flake Pigment
Available in Pints, 8oz, and 4oz Bottles.

Metal flake pigment can add beauty to your refinishing project by using this pigment as an additive to give your solid colors depth and a very different look. You can also get a solid metal look by adding 15% to your clearcoat. We carry three metal flakes, Stainlees Steel, Copper and Gold. you can use your imagination to expand your business in a more specialty refinishing company. You can also blend the different metal flake finishes to get a different look, the possibilities are endless.

Pure Accelerator
Available in Quarts, Pints, and Bottles.

Universal High Solids Catalyst
Available in Gallons, Quarts, and Pints.

A high solid that can be used with our Porcelain Enamel 1000, HSLD 5000 and Kemron. This will give you a higher, deeper gloss when the ULTIMATE gloss is needed.