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Concrete Staining

First, we suggest testing a small sample area with your stain to make sure the color meets your expectations and to determine how many coats of stain you will need to achieve your desired look. Every coat you apply will give you a darker shade of the color you pick. You may find that you need only one coat of stain.

When staining cement, you can use an electric spray system such as a wagner power sprayer or a conventional spray system; you also can apply stain on with a broom, roller or sponge. We do not suggest a hand pump sprayer because they cause too many inconsistencies in the surface. Apply a medium coat of stain and let stain dry for 2 hours before applying second coat.

We also HIGHLY suggest sealing your stain the following day. We carry a wet look sealer and a satin sealer. Both are water based and are suggested on cement floors where normal usage will occur. If this is an industrial application, we suggest sealing the stain with our two component solvent base acrylic urethane which also comes in a wet or satin look. Our solvent base sealer are very chemical resistant and have very strong UV blockers.

Cement Preparation

First, make sure cement is clean and has no sealers on it. Run a simple test to see if you have sealers in your surface. Apply water on the cement, if it beads up like a wax on an automobile, then you have a sealer on it. To remove sealers we highly suggest using a mild sandblasting on the first layer of cement, then use our etch cleaner on it. Unfortunately no sealer can be properly taken off with chemicals or cleaners; it must be physically taken off.

You should use a mild etch before applying stains to open up the pores of the cement. If the cement is fresh (30 days after its poured) no etch cleaner is needed, just a good power washing.

Dry Time

Dries to touch in 30 minutes. Cooler temperatures and high humidity will cause stain to dry slower. You can apply a second coat after 2 hours, and can be sealed after 24 hours. 2 to 3 coats of stain are suggested; every additional coat will darken the color stain, coat until desired darkness is achieved.

Allow 72 hours to cure before automotive traffic or heavy objects to be used on stained surface. Surface can be walked on after 16 to 24 hours depending on temperature and humidity.