**NEW PRODUCTS** Affordable Coating System and LOW VOC Urethanes

Wood Staining

Our Createastain is a great choice for staining wood decks, docks or patios. It is 100% environmentally safe, and has mildew and fungus additives added to it along with a bug repellant additive that protect the wood against microscopic organisms.

We suggest using the semi transparent Createastain or our clear satin or gloss to protect the wood. On the pictures below we used a semi transparent stain and added a little burnt umber pigment so you get a little color which makes the wood look more natural.

Our Createastain will give you years of durability while protecting your wood from the elements. If you purchase the semi transparent stain in the colors, you will have more color coverage.

Before Createastain

Prepare Your Surface

Appling Createastain

After Createastain

Lanai Refinished

After Createastain