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Multi-Spec Instructions

Countertops, Sinks, Bathtubs, Ceramic Tiles, Floors, Cabinets and Interior Walls.

1. Clean glass surfaces with the etch 4000 (only inside bathtubs and sinks). Ceramic-tiles, floors and countertops clean with Premier cleaner 5000. Lightly sand surface with 220 grit sandpaper before primering.

2. Tack down surface with tack cloth before primer is applied.

3. Primer surface with XL Aerospace Primer. Let primer dry for 30 minutes before applying Multi-Stone color you are using, this in not required but helpful.

4. MULTI-STONE Spray 2 to 3 even coats over surface until look is achieved. When using multi-stone on surfaces that will take physical and chemical abuse such as bathtubs, sinks, ceramic tile and countertops, multi-stone MUST be clear coated.

5. CLEAR COAT - for best results wait 45 mins - 1 hour to clear coat. You can clear coat with any of the industrial clear coats we carry, they all will work fine. Spray 2 to 3 even coats of clear over multi-stone. Multi-stone can be sanded with 600 grit sandpaper prior to clear coating to achieve a smooth finish.

6. Cabinets and interior walls do not need to be primered with our aerospace primer. For interior walls you can use a latex primer if desired or spray over excising painted surfaces with primering. Interior walls and cabinets do not need to be clear coated since they do not take chemical and physical abuse other surfaces do.

7. Spray Equipment specifications, (minimum) HVLP gun and turbine with 80cfm at 4PSI. Any equipment, including air spray equipment is usable as long as they meet the minimum requirements.

Any technical questions about multi-stone please contact us.